The Tige Investment Team


Owner - Reagan Lancaster

Reagan Lancaster is a triple threat: Successful Software Executive, Athletic Competitor, Body Builder, and a good ole’ fashioned Cowboy.

He grew up in East Texas where his Grandfather and Great Uncles taught him that a strong work ethic and belief in God will bring you good things. He learned his values while working with horses and cows and developed a dream of one day owning his own ranch.

In the corporate world, Reagan is known as a successful entrepreneur and software executive who has a proven track record of growing startups from millions to billions in revenue.

Those same values carried over into his adolescent years which gave him an edge in sports like football, basketball, baseball, and track. His sports career, coupled with his discipline, led to him turning his fitness into a full-time lifestyle. He became a successful bodybuilder and participated in numerous competitions. His winnings include 3 first-place championships, 5 second-place, and 2 third-place.

He has been involved with over 100 start-ups in the process of ideation to going public. He started working at Oracle in 1989 and quickly climbed the ranks by blowing his sales goals out of the water with 165% of his sales quota being met in the first year.

He was promoted from Area Manager to Regional Manager, and then to Regional Vice President. He would continue with Oracle until 1994. He went on to become President and Chief Revenue Officer of the up-and-coming i2 Technologies, wherein a span of 6 years he would help grow the business from 2 million in revenue to 1.8 billion in revenue. Lancaster also built Titan Ventures and was recognized as the top CEO in the DFW area.

Reagan Lancaster’s childhood dream of owning a ranch came to fruition in 2002 where his start-up success allowed him to purchase Lancaster Ranch, which has produced 3 million dollars in winning horses. Reagan himself entered the arena and has amassed over 450k in earnings, netting him the title of a genuine cowboy. He has set his sights on the NCHA Rider Hall of Fame.

As of today, Reagan is the founder and CEO of Sourcetap, an open-source software company as well as a Managing Partner for Tige Investments.

Bruce Fraser - Tige Investments

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser is an advisor to Tige Investments. He has outperformed the SP 500 by nearly 286% running Sheffield partners. He also is an explosive real estate investor in the multifamily unit market.

Lancaster and Fraser worked together in the software industry. Fraser ran the treasury function in one of Reagan’s most successful startups. They’ve built a relationship of successfully making money over the last 20 years.

Bruce has an MBA from SMU and also led the teams of over 10 acquisitions in the public and private markets. 

Today Fraser still oversees capital in the public markets but doesn’t let that sidetrack him from his real-estate investments. In total, he oversees about 1600 units spread across Texas and Oklahoma and has no plans of slowing down.

Fraser applies the lessons he learned from his real-estate ventures and hedge fund management to bring  disciplines, structure, and foresight to the Tige Investments team as a sounding board in the technology and real-estate sectors.